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The number 1 training resource for gymnastics coaches who are focused on becoming the best possible version of themselves.
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World Class Training...

Guiding every member of the Flair Family to progress, grow and have fun on their unique journey as part of the vibrant and talented team. The Flair University Maps, tracks, measure, rewards, reflects and celebrates each team member's ongoing and personalised learning & development with guidance and support from world class mentors, courses, resources and training.



Do you want to join the awesome Flair coaching team and gain access to world class mentors, training & personal development?



You Build Confident Kids...

The most important part of our organisation are the people who work here. Our teams build confident kids, through their leadership, coaching and dedication to service excellence throughout our network of world class clubs. The Flair University has been built from the ground up with the most important people in mind 'THE TEAM' and teaches the magic ingredients of the Flair Necessities, crafted by award winning entrepreneur, founder and CEO Richard Dwyer.


"Flair is full of opportunities for all coaches and being part of such a forward-thinking club like Flair, there really is no better grounding for a developing coach"

Nick Ruddock
World coaching tutor & advisor to 18 federations

"There was 'nothing' like this around when I was a kid, I think what Richard and the team at Flair are doing is pretty groundbreaking"

Craig Heap
Olympian & Commonwealth Games Gold medalist

"Richard brings energy and passion to the Flair team and members, inspiring them to achieve their full potential in gymnastics."

Anthony Gorman MBE
Chairman Of Sport Guildford

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